How it works

Non-theoretical capture the flag (CTP) competition on a virtual platform /

Up to 12 real missing person cases selected by the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre /

Participants source intelligence and potential leads during the six-hour event /

Participants can be involved as individuals or groups of up to 4 members /

Leads are submitted to a panel of judges who verify the information and allocate points /

Information submitted can include recent photos, last known locations, social media accounts etc /

The individual/team which has accumulated the most amount of points will be declared the competition winner /

All leads will be handed to the Australian Federal Police and National Missing Persons Coordination Centre after the completion of the event /

"This is where innovation brings social value, creating an event which is unlike any other hackathon or capture the flag (CTF) challenge. Theoretical concepts are put aside so participants can operate in real time, with real (open source) data for real human impact."

Linda Cavanagh

Linda Cavanagh
National Network Lead

"By involving the community, and in this case hackers, into the search for missing persons, we hope to solve more long-term missing person cases in a way that police could not do alone."

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Debbie Platz
Assistant Commissioner

"Our goal is to partner with law enforcement and organisations like AustCyber on crowdsourced intelligence initiatives to enhance public safety around the world and enable the community to be involved in tackling complex social issues"

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Adrian Korn
Director of OSINT Operations & Strategic Initiatives





A crowdsourced platform delivered by not-for-profit organisation Trace Labs /

Harnessing the Australian community to assist police in their investigations on missing person cases /

Showcasing the perspective of ‘ethical hacking’ /

Highlighting the diversity of cyber security careers, skills and opportunities /

Demonstrating cyber security crowdsourcing as a technical and social value add element to law enforcement and the community /

Delivered in partnership with


AustCyber is an Industry Growth Centre tasked with supporting the development of a vibrant and globally competitive cyber security sector

Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police enforce Commonwealth criminal law; contribute to combating complex, transnational, serious and organised crime impacting Australia's national security; and protect Commonwealth interests from criminal activity in Australia and overseas.

National Missing Persons Coordination Centre

The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre drives national coordination in response to missing persons in Australia.

Trace Labs

Trace Labs is a non-profit organisation that is designed to help expedite the family reunification of missing persons using crowd sourced OSINT.